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Social Work in Wales

June 27th, 2023

Lead-author on for a chapter on a book.

Edited by Wulf LivingstonJo Redcliffe and Abyd Quinn Aziz.

Policy Press. 

ISBN 978-1447367192

Chapter 14.

Social Care With Older People: Embedding and Sustaining Practice – The cARTrefu Project - Penny Alexander, Diane Seddon, Katherine Algar-Skaife, Gill Toms, Sarah Lord and Kelly Barr.

This book chapter considered the challenges and opportunities of embedding and sustaining creative social care practice with older people, including people who are living with dementia. It was informed by a successful collaboration involving academia, social care practice and the arts

The Journal of Medical Humanities


Dr Stella Boklaski

"Mind Maps"

Senior Lecturer in American Literature Director of the MA in Medical Humanities
School of English, University of Kent

Special guest issue on artists’ books and the medical humanities focussing on my work.


Egidija Čiricaitė 

"In the Space of Time"

Notes on book space as "time" metaphor in artists' books from Prescriptions collection


Impact Press

Online Presence

My Portfolio

North Wales Collaborative: A Collection of Good Ideas 

September 30th, 2021

An article about my Masters by Research cARTrefu research as featuring on the Regional Innovational Co-ordination hub.

The aim of the hub is to coordinate research, innovation and improvement activity in North Wales about how health and social care services can work together better

The Flintshire Leader

April 1st 2019

Jamie Bowman

“Meet the Flintshire artist who uses vintage typewriters to create these beautiful images”


11th January 2018

Bex Wild

Exhibition: "Fe/Male"

Exhibition Article:

Illustrating An Arty Life

Jenny Drinkwater

"Curiosity kills the car at AIR Gallery"

Exhibition Article:

Creative Tourist Magazine

16th November 2017

James Mathews-Hiskett

"Curiosities and Sculpture: a fabrication at AIR Gallery, A4 Studios."

Exhibition Article:


29th October 2017

Bex Wild

Exhibition: "Curiosities"

Exhibition Article:

Curatorspace Artist Profile


The Great Unanswered Project

July 2016


September 2015

Online Concrete Poetry Journal

University of Salford Profile


My work in Print

My Portfolio

Prescriptions (The book)


Prescriptions. The Book. 

Artist's books on medicine and wellbeing.

Edited by Egidija Ciricaite and Stella Bolaki.

Published by Natrix Natrix Press.

Double Yolk


Print out exhibition,

36 Lime St,

Newcastle upon Tyne

Harlequin Creature Issue 8/9


Literary Journal

5th Anniversary Double Issue

(8: “not a metaphor” / 9: “sitting between chairs”)

Harlequin Creature,

New York

Neo Print-Prize


Print Exhibition Catalogue,

Neo Gallery,




Exhibition Catalogue

Prescriptions Artist Books Exhibition Catalogue

University of Kent

Harlequin Creature Issue 6


Literary Journal

Issue 6

Harlequin Creature

New York

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