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My style

I am a very deliberate artist. I enjoy order and clarity.

I have adopted a scientific approach in style and content, coupled with carefully considered imagery. 

Outdated literature and obsolete methods are something I incline towards. I'm fascinated with language, history and social science. For this reason I frequently find myself taking inspiration from very old books and found text in medical papers.
My work highlights these interests.

Given my enthusiasm of the obsolete I generally work on a typewriter, frequently making 2d works as well as conceptual artist books.

My style is scientific, graphic, neat and research/fact based.
I work to briefs, commissioned or self-imposed. My work is adaptable and flexible depending on context and content.

My practice and inspirations

As a conceptual artist working in themes relating to time and personal experience, some recent inspirations include: 

  • Journeys

  • Health and well-being and

  • Perspectives of personal experience.

Recent catalysts for concepts include:

  • Motherhood

  • Conception and Pregnancy

  • Alterations in mental health

  • Age and the ageing process

  • Self acceptance and themes relating to celebrating...

  • Positive body image.

I am very interested in personal perception, and using optical illusions and language play to form narratives. I like to make playful yet profound pieces of work to make light of aspects of the human condition.

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